Zona industriale P.I.P. Loc. S.Amico
Via Sant'Amico
60030 Morro d’Alba

9 - Plastics
Mr. Gianfranco Boemio
+39 0731 618311


Techpol srl is an injection molding and value-added assembly service provider. It is a Family-owned business founded in 1970, Techpol over the years was able to develop innovative solutions and technologies. We currently have 55 injection molding machines and several automated and semi-automated assembly cells in two locations, Morro D’Alba - Italy and Plsen – Czech Republic.


Products: We serve the automotive industry (OEMs and Tier1) since 30 years and are specialized in following applications

- ICE - engine components such as covers, pipes, filters, oil separators and oil pipes, air intake, hot air management

- Conventional and electric drive unit: parts for cooling and conditioning of motor and gear box; filters

- Front-end: 2-components air ducts

- Clutch components such as washer, pump body.

- Brake-system: reservoir, technical parts for pneumatic circuit (housing, valves)


Our productions capabilities range:

Molding 1 shot molding with capacity from 50 to 450 tons; with 2 shot injection molding machines from 250 ton to 850 ton;

Gas assisted molding as well as Projectile assisted molding (PIT).

Insert molding; tight tolerance molding;


Automation and auxiliary components to molding machines

Automatic and semi-automatic work station, to assemble and test components with integration of various technologies: vision control, control with proximity sensors, leakage test, laser marking. In these work stations the handling is carried out by rotary tables or anthropomorphic or scara robots.


Plastic welding with Ultrasonic, Vibration (linear and orbital), hot plate, and infra-red technologies.


Techpol manages an Integrated Quality-Environment Management System that complies with the IATF 16949:2016, UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 standards

We are also certified according to Business Continuity System as Best Practice ISO 27001.