We are very pleased that you would like to be present at IZB 2024.

The link for registration was sent to all registered interested companies.

If you have not yet exhibited at IZB and are not yet registered, please apply here.

Exhibitor prices

Exhibitor pass: 3 days 46.00 EUR / plus German VAT

Exhibitor parking lot: 149.00 EUR / plus German VAT

Stand Prices

Stand Type bookable Price
Row stand area from 12 sqm 195.00 Euro/sqm
Corner stand area from 18 sqm 205.00 Euro/sqm
End stand area from 30 sqm 215.00 Euro/sqm
Island stand area from 50 sqm 220.00 Euro/sqm

Additionally bookable Stand Construction Packages

Messe-Set bookable for Price in addition to the above stand price
Messe-Set 1 Row, Corner, End Stand Area à 165.00 Euro/sqm
Messe-Set 2 Row, Corner, End Stand Area à 185.00 Euro/sqm
Messe-Set 3 Row, Corner, End Stand Area à 300.00 Euro/sqm
Messe-Set 4 Row, Corner, End Stand Area à 315.00 Euro/sqm

An individual request must be made for a Island Stand Area.

Find here an overview and more information about the Stand Packages.