Wolfsburg AG

The company is a public-private partnership between Volkswagen AG and the city of Wolfsburg. Its main objective is to create a competitive innovation environment, sustainably promote structural development, secure jobs and improve the quality of life at the Wolfsburg location.

Wolfsburg AG promotes development in the city by supporting and implementing company start-ups, relocations, future-oriented pilot projects in selected key areas of expertise and the coordination of thematic networks. It has played an active role in supporting the creation of around 18,000 jobs in newly-founded and relocated companies since 1999 and has supported the relocation more than 200 automotive suppliers. As a result, Wolfsburg is now one of Germany’s most future-oriented cities.

As a link between the city of Wolfsburg and Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg AG offers current regional automotive suppliers and automotive suppliers interested in relocating to the area an extensive service portfolio. The services are perfectly tailored to the needs and requirements of supplier companies in terms of successful establishment and networking and designed to sharpen their competitive edge.

The organisation of conferences, symposia and trade fairs such as the International Suppliers Fair (IZB) is part of the portfolio. Wolfsburg AG has hosted the trade fair since 2001, making an important contribution towards the establishment of the region as a prime location and competence centre for the mobility industry.

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