Exhibitors FAQ

What role does Wolfsburg AG play in the IZB?

Wolfsburg AG is the organiser of the IZB and will be happy to help with your enquiries regarding the following topics:

  • Sponsoring
  • Marketing
  • Digital presentation
  • Exhibitor portal for digital presentation
  • Events accompanying the IZB / tours of the IZB / presentations
  • Everything you need to know about Wolfsburg
  • Shuttle service
  • Billing for sponsoring, marketing, etc.


What role does Messe Wolfsburg play in the IZB?

The trade fair company Messe Wolfsburg (a 100% subsidiary of the company Messe Berlin GmbH) is our technical partner and is therefore responsible for the technical implementation of the IZB on behalf of Wolfsburg AG.

Messe Wolfsburg will be happy to help with your enquiries regarding the following topics:

  • Exhibitor portal for stand registration
  • Stand allocation/placement
  • All technical and organisational questions regarding your appearance at the trade fair (e.g. trade fair infrastructure, exhibitor service, stand construction permits, BECO Webshop etc.)
  • Billing for stand hire and other exhibitor services


How can I become an exhibitor at the IZB?

Registration for the IZB is not open to everyone but is made available to companies after they have successfully applied to become an exhibitor and have been approved. Companies with a product/service range that corresponds to at least one of the listed product groups reflecting the name, structure and focus of the IZB will be accepted as exhibitors.

You can submit your application here.

If you have already exhibited at a previous IZB or have already registered, you do not need to submit a new application. You will be automatically informed about the start of the registration period.


When is it possible to register for the IZB 2024?

We will send the registration link to all former exhibitors and interested parties via e-mail in mid-June 2023.


How about requests for a specific stand area or position?

If you want to request a stand in a specific area or position, you can specify your request in the comments field of the registration form. We cannot guarantee that all stand area/position requests will be considered but we will do our best to factor your request into the planning of the event layout. 


Can stand areas be cancelled free of charge after registration?

Cancellation without fees is possible up until the stand allocations are sent. Once you have received your stand allocation, cancellation fees amounting to 100 % of the stand hire fee will apply. If your stand area can be allocated to another exhibitor, cancellation fees amounting to 25 % of the stand hire fee will apply. You can find more information on the terms and conditions of cancellation in the General Terms and Conditions of Participation of Messe Wolfsburg.


Is a hall plan provided in the run-up to the IZB?

A hall plan with a corresponding exhibitor overview/layout will be made available once the placement planning and the final allocation of stands to exhibitors are complete.


When will the stand positions be sent?

The stand positions are likely to be sent in the first quarter of 2024. This depends on the number of registrations received.


Are there any deadlines that need to be considered?

Several deadlines apply to the IZB. We will specify and communicate these deadlines in good time in the run-up to the event.