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Leading-edge power electronics with a wide application spectrum


The EA Elektro-Automatik Group is Europe’s leading supplier in the area of power electronics for R & D and industrial application. At the headquarter in Germany in the industrial centre of North Rhine Westphalia more than 200 qualified associates research, develop and manufacture high-tech equipment for laboratory power supply, high power mains adaptors and electronic loads with or without power feedback.


Specific to power electronics, made by EA, is the wide application spectrum. The units are used across many branches, from batteries, through fuel cell technology, to wind and solar power, from electrochemicals and process technology to telecommunication.



With highly specialised power supply systems for a multitude of applications, EA is driving the future of power electronics – technologically excellent, designed for resource protection and energy saving and conceived for a multitude of applications.

EA-PSB 10000: 30kW bidirectional power in the smallest footprint

On the one hand effective, on the other economic to run, such are the demands on modern power electronics. In order to meet the continually increasing needs of the market, EA Elektro-Automatik developed bidirectional power supply EA-PSB 10000 30kW. The product offers more performance in a small space. The energy feedback possibility can, dependant on application, significantly reduce operating costs.


“The requirements for programmable laboratory power supplies are continually increasing. This sharpens the competitive situation in growth areas such as eMobility”, declares Markus Schyboll, CEO of EA Elektro-Automatik. Hence it is obligatory to react to new market situations. In order to support storage battery manufacturers in their development and production, EA has placed great value on maximum efficiency in the EA-PSB 10000 30 kW. “With this devices we are currently offering the highest performance concentration in the whole market.”


In just 4 rack units the new power supply from EA generates 100 percent more power than the previous series with only a third more volume. In interconnected operation these space saving products can produce a total power in parallel of up to 1,92 kW. Manufacturers of power storage systems can thus profit significantly. With the generous 5” touch display users can make settings directly on the device.

EA-ELR 10000: regenerative electronic load

The EA-ELR 10000 offers 30kW input power on 4HE, which may be enhanced to a maximum of 1,92 MW in a rack combination. Mains feedback with an efficiency of more than 96% reduces energy costs and heat generation. These benefits make the EA-ELR 10000 particularly attractive, for example, in the final recycling of batteries. The devices are equipped with TFT touch displays for intuitive operating, set-up, and programming.

EA-PSI 10000: autoranging and photovoltaic simulation

3kW from 4HE and future-proof features such as genuine autoranging distinguish the EA-PSI 10000. The concept allows a fuel cell simulation which can be adjusted for various operating conditions. A unique feature is the photovoltaic simulation which can portray various sunshine effects. Clever software such as EA-Power-Control and a touchscreen display raise the user friendliness.

More power from a rack – up to 1,92MW

Higher power does not exist: in racks our power supplies and electronic loads with mains feedback can achieve power of up to 1,92MW. This makes our devices ideal for tests with a high power demand, such as final battery recycling. As our concepts include optional water cooling in an enclosed housing, they are ideally placed for operation in hostile conditions.