Dressler Automation GmbH

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16 - Production management
  • 1601 - Factory automation
  • 1603 - Manufacturing engineering
  • 1608 - Production processes
  • 1611 - Quality assurance
Mr. Arne Brökers
05332 93060


With RoboLive®, Dressler Automation has developed a solution for the commissioning, analysis, and quality assurance of robotic production processes. With five elements to identify, prevent, and eliminate weak points before and during production, RoboLive® addresses many of the diverse robotic challenges that complex manufacturing plants present to both system integrators and manufacturers.


For system integrators, challenges include the unusability of offline programs due to inaccurate digital twins, the high risk of plant optimization due to short production downtime, and the dependence on the few robotics experts on the team. With RoboLive®, in addition to traceability through process visualization, system integrators have new opportunities for commissioning as well as plant optimization through systematic use of digital twin data and innovative tools for automated modification of robot programs.


For manufacturers, challenges include the lack of traceability of programming work prior to taking over the plant, the resulting defects that occur during ongoing operation, and the dependence on the few robot experts. This is because the processes in a complex production plant with multiple controllers and robots are difficult to understand even for experienced technicians without visual assistance. At the control level, operating and observation programs have long been available for this purpose, and now they are for robots with RoboLive®. The visualization of all process data means new possibilities for quality assurance and maintenance for manufacturers.


Dressler Automation can look back on more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing automation and operates worldwide as a system integrator from its locations in Germany and Tennessee, USA. With RoboLive® - originally developed to improve and control its own results - the company continues to drive the digitalization of production, robot programming and quality assurance.