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9 - Plastics
  • 901 - Thermoplastics
  • 903 - Elastomers
  • 904 - Other types of plastic
  • 1102 - Insulating material and sealants


Adhex, a Tier 1 supplier to the automotive industry, masters the manufacturing technologies of pressure sensitive adhesives, which allows us to meet the needs of automotive manufacturers for thermoformed parts, roof stiffeners, labels, thin or thick adhesive die-cut parts or decorative parts. Our products fit into all parts of the vehicle: doors, roof, engine block, passenger compartment, bodywork... They play a role in terms of safety, technical information, protection, decoration or personalization of the car. While its headquarters, research center and main production unit are located in Dijon (France), Adhex also has international subsidiaries in Spain, Slovakia and Brazil, where it develops projects and produces parts for the automotive industry as close as possible to its customers.

Roof and car body stiffening solutions

The weight reduction and de facto weakening of body components, such as the roof of the vehicle, requires to add reinforcements. Their role is twofold, on the one hand to avoid deformation or blistering of the sheet metal (indentation), and on the other hand to fight against parasitic noise and vibrations. Non visible and essential, the stiffeners must therefore be perfectly integrated into the design of the vehicle and fit perfectly into the shape of the sheet metal while avoiding contact with the roof lining and other surrounding parts. Once mounted, the stiffeners must not leave any marks or prevent the sheet metal from appearing taut.

The stiffener is made of cardboard or plastic sheets – on purpose to maintain the objective of weight reduction. This material may be combined with an acoustic damping plate (Fusible Sound Absorber Sheet, IFF), to combat vibration phenomena. The stiffener is fixed to the sheet using double-sided foam adhesive strips or glue. Adhex has a wide range of specific solutions to guarantee an optimal result. The installation is carried out in line according to various possible processes, by simple pressure or in an automated way.

The rigidity of these parts, which contribute to the safety of the vehicle, is validated by a bending test. Of course, these parts comply with all the regulations in force in the automotive industry, particularly with regard to fire resistance (fireproofing), fogging (fogging) or the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Sash Tape, Black-out Tape & ABC Pillars

Strong, easy-to-apply and stylish adhesive solutions that meet your technical and visual requirements (engineering and design): Adhex has designed a complete range of films to cover sash tapes/ABC pillars, door frames, window frames and extensions.


Adhesive films for covering and decorating door, sash tapes/ABC pillars, door frames, bays and custodes have been designed to avoid any defects in the visible area. The integration of Bull’Net technology eases the application and in particular avoids the appearance of air bubbles during application. Easy to apply, our technical adhesive films are conformable, repositionable, tear-resistant and offer excellent resistance to rebording. Our acrylic based adhesives can be overlaid. Our products are assembled manually or using an application tool developed specifically for each vehicle. Our range is composed of films of various thicknesses to meet the specific needs of each model. Smooth or textured, our films are available in high gloss, gloss, semi-gloss or matt. Usually available in black, they are also screen or digital printable to meet limited personalization and identification needs. Adhex films for sash tapes/ABC pillars covering are stable and sustainable: With a controlled design, they do not harden or degrade over time under the effect of the constraints exerted by other parts in contact (slide and licker for example). Finally, they are perfectly resistant to scratches, UV, chemical and climatic aggressions.

Screen Sealer / Door water shield

The panels installed in the doors ensure that the vehicle is sealed against water, air, noise and dust. Reliable, lightweight and made to last, they meet the highest quality requirements.


Thanks to the diversity of solutions proposed by Adhex, our sealing panels for door systems insulate the car from all external elements: water, air, dust… They actively contribute to the acoustic performance of the vehicle by limiting rolling noise, slam and vibrations. These products, installed in the front or rear doors but also in the boot, meet extremely demanding quality criteria. In compliance with all European regulations on prohibited substances (REACH, directives 2000/5E/CE, combustibility, etc.), they are as light as possible, in order to meet the challenge of reducing vehicle weight. Adhex ensures the design of these panels, as well as their shape (Catia) and the composition of their sealing sheet, and also their manufacture. We are involved with car manufacturers from the design of the vehicle to the assembly on the production line. Recognized expert in the extrusion of Hotmelt or Butyl adhesive beads, Adhex offers a wide range of solutions to meet car manufacturer’s requirements: 2D or 3D parts, with a basic carrier from 100 to 1,000 grams per square meter, heat or cold formed, in foam, film or based on complexes or specific materials, fixed by adhesive or clipable. And always with the objective of offering vehicle manufacturers an easy, fast and reliable application solution.

Decorative covering and protection of door sill

Identifying, covering and protecting door sills and doorways They are perfectly resistant to corrosion and wear and tear caused in particular by the ascent and descent of the vehicle. Protected by temporary films from the time of production until delivery to the end customer, they show no visible defects. Our products are made with PVC, polyester, polycarbonate or aluminium films, and our solutions can therefore be flexible, semi-rigid or rigid conformable, with a textured, smooth, matt or glossy appearance. Adhex technologies also allow us to produce bi-component polyurethane resin parts offering a greater visual diversity. Thanks to a wide choice of fastening adhesives designed and manufactured by Adhex, our coverings and protections are adapted to all surfaces: painted or varnished sheet metal, aluminum, low surface energy plastic supports (PP) or injected plastic parts. Adhex products are easy to apply, either manually or with the help of a specific technical device (application aid, jig). They are developed in a short period of time and are an economical, technically reliable and aesthetically impeccable solution for decorating and protecting door sills and doorways.

Hole covering & Adhesive Sealing Elements of Carbody

Adhex has been developing for many years with vehicle manufacturers adhesive carbody hole filling solutions. Adapting to all the needs ot the vehicle manufacturers, we propose tehnical alternative solutions to plastic plugs. Our cover holes developed in this way, guarantee the air, water and dust tightness of the vehicle. They meet all assembly, acoustic performance and weight saving requirements. Manufactured from plastic materials (PVC, PET, PU…) or metallic materials (Aluminium. zinc…), our cover holes or sealing elements are assembled thanks to a specific adhesive, adapted to the substrate (carrier) on which they are fixed (plastic, sheet metal, cataphoresis…). Visible or not, they can be used in all areas of the vehicle: passenger compartment, engine block, exterior… Printed in order to secure the assembly in the factory and compatible with the different vehicle coatings (application under or over paint), they can be put in place manually or in a fully automated way in order to optimize application times according to the manufacturer’s needs. The quality of Adhex’s adhesive carbody cover holes or sealing elements is measured by their ability to withstand the stresses encountered on the assembly lines and, throughout the vehicle’s life, to withstand external aggressions such as stone chips, thermal shocks, bad weather, etc. While they are essential, these cover holes are also light, which is fully and significantly in line with the vehicle manufacturer’s strategy to make vehicles lighter.