The 10th International Suppliers Fair (IZB) in Wolfsburg from 16th to 18th October 2018 / Focusing on the Topic of "Think Digital"

Next year, the International Suppliers Fair (IZB) will take place for the tenth time. The planning for this anniversary event is already well underway and the dates of the renowned specialist trade fair have already been set: from 16th to 18th October 2018, German and international automotive suppliers will gather in Wolfsburg to showcase their latest mobility solutions.

In line with the special topic of next year's IZB, "Think Digital", their presentations will above all shine the spotlight on the trend topic of digitalisation in the automotive industry. Based on the results of an independent survey conducted during the IZB 2016, the event organiser, the company Wolfsburg AG, expects exhibiting companies to be extremely interested in the upcoming event. "Around 94 percent of the exhibitors surveyed are interested in participating in the trade fair again. As a marketing and innovation platform, the IZB offered them a number of excellent opportunities for business transactions. Next year's trade fair will yet again provide them with an outstanding setting for such achievements", declares Thomas Krause, a Member of the Board of Wolfsburg AG. You can find out more about the IZB at

Ever since the first IZB was held back in 2001, the specialist trade fair has achieved continuous growth both in terms of its exhibitor and visitor numbers and with regard to its content. With approximately 50,000 trade visitors and around 800 exhibiting companies from 32 different countries, last year's IZB was more international than ever before. Supplier companies from Taiwan, Slovakia, Moldova, Sweden, Finland and Norway all attended the event for the first time. Alongside its classic main topics such as electronics, metal and lightweight construction and plastics, the trade fair also focused on the special topic of "Mobility Goes Digital". Given that digital solutions are still playing an essential role in the development of the automotive industry, the 10th IZB will also shine the spotlight on this trend.

Planning for the concept behind the IZB 2018 is now well underway. When working on this concept, Wolfsburg AG is also factoring in the results of a representative exhibitor and visitor survey that was conducted during the IZB 2016. The survey revealed a positive response to the event from both visitors and exhibitors, with 95 percent of the visitors surveyed claiming that they were heading home with a good or very good overall impression of the IZB and stating that it provided them with a comprehensive overview of the market. 86 percent of visitors also considered the IZB to be an important trend barometer for future-oriented innovations.

Exhibitors at the IZB 2016 were pleased with their involvement in the event
93 percent of the around 800 exhibitors at the last IZB were pleased or very pleased with their participation in the event. 75 percent reported that they experienced a positive flow of visitors to their stands and consider the IZB to be an important platform on which they can optimally showcase their company, products and services. 94 percent of the exhibitors surveyed had already decided during the event in 2016 to return to the trade fair in 2018.

The International Suppliers Fair (IZB)
The International Suppliers Fair has been providing suppliers from the automotive industry with a platform on which they can present a wide range of automotive innovations since 2001. The specialist trade fair and its programme of accompanying events take place in the German city of Wolfsburg every two years and attract exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. More information on the event can be found at

Wolfsburg AG
As a joint venture between the city of Wolfsburg and Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg AG works towards tapping into new business domains that form a basis for secure employment. When doing so, it focuses on the fields of activity of Mobility, Education, Energy, Health and Leisure. One of the main aims of the work carried out by Wolfsburg AG is to promote and develop the attractiveness of Wolfsburg as a prime location for the supplier industry on a long-term basis, for example by organising specialist congresses, conferences, exhibitions and trade fairs such as the International Suppliers Fair.