The IZB 2022 is starting soon – here is a brief summary of the most important information for your visit to the trade fair

The 11th International Suppliers Fair (IZB) is now right around the corner. Europe’s leading trade fair for the automotive supplier industry will again take place in Wolfsburg from 11th to 13th October 2022. Here you can find all you need to know for your visit to the trade fair.

Opening hours: The exhibition grounds in the Allerpark in Wolfsburg will be open to trade visitors from 10:00am to 6:00pm from 11th to 13th October 2022.

Tickets: To visit the IZB, please register in the ticket shop in advance.

How to find us and where to park:

For visitors:

As a visitor to the IZB 2022, there are a number of ways to get to the event and parking options available. If you are travelling by car, please enter the following address into your navigation device: Allerpark, Wolfsburg. You can find a map and directions here

Your visitor ticket provides access to the visitor parking spaces at the Volkswagen Arena. The visitor car parks are marked in the traffic management system with “P Grün/Besucher” (P Green/Visitors). The parking fee for visitor parking spaces is 5 Euros per day. Please note that the amount must be paid in cash in the visitor car park; payment via card is not possible. You can also use the car park of the Volkswagen Service Akademie as a free park and ride car park at the following address:

  • Park & Ride Parkplatz – Volkswagen Service Akademie 
  • Maschweg 30, 38448 Wolfsburg 

For exhibitors:

Exhibitors can purchase a parking ticket for the “P Blau” (P Blue) exhibitor car parks (as shown in the hall plan) in the ServiceShop. The parking fee is 129 Euros for all three days of the trade fair. 

If you are travelling by train, you can make use of our Deutsche Bahn Event Ticket for the IZB. With this Event Ticket, available at an exclusive fixed rate, you can make the most of convenient travel throughout Germany using 100% green energy on all long-distance trains operated by the German rail company Deutsche Bahn.

The IZB shuttle bus: Shuttle buses will again be available at the IZB 2022, use of which is free of charge for visitors to the trade fair:

  • An IZB shuttle from the Volkswagen factory to the exhibition grounds in the Allerpark and back for Volkswagen AG employees 
  • An IZB shuttle from Wolfsburg Central Station to the exhibition grounds in the Allerpark and back 
  • An hourly IZB shuttle service from the park and ride car park at the Volkswagen Service Akademie to the exhibition grounds in the Allerpark and back. The park and ride car park is located at Maschweg 30, 38448 Wolfsburg. 

A medical face mask must be worn on all IZB shuttle buses. The IZB shuttle line running through the Volkswagen factory grounds stops in the Allerpark next to the bus lane on the Plazabrücke bridge running alongside the Aller river, close to the West entrance area. It also departs from here. 

The IZB shuttle lines from Wolfsburg Central Station and the Volkswagen Service Akademie stop in the Allerpark on the B188 road close to the East entrance area and also depart from here.  

You can find the shuttle bus timetables here:

Exhibition grounds: This year, the IZB exhibition area covers a total of 38,000 m², which includes not only the six halls but also the use of the outdoor spaces by our exhibitors as part of the IZB Live Experience. The IZB hall plan provides an overview of the exhibition grounds. 

Covid-19 hygiene measures: The current hygiene regulations of the City of Wolfsburg apply to the event. These can be found (in German) here. At present, no special measures are necessary. If you plan to use the shuttle service, please remember to wear a medical face mask.