The hall concept for the IZB 2024 is now in place

Exhibitors and visitors can look forward to exciting new highlights such as the Experience Area and exhibition halls with different focus topics.

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Over the next few months, the Allerpark in Wolfsburg will again transform into an impressive exhibition landscape ready to host the 12th International Suppliers Fair (IZB). Covering an area of around 38,000 square metres, the total of six exhibition halls will showcase a broad spectrum of exhibitors and innovations. This year’s IZB will again feature a number of exciting new highlights.

One of its most impressive new additions is the official outdoor area, the Experience Area, which is located between Halls 3, 4, 5 and 6. This area covering roughly 400 to 500 square metres will offer exhibitors the chance to present their larger vehicles or other exhibits outside the halls for the first time, thus adding a new dimension to the exhibition.

Another new highlight concerns the focus topics of the exhibition halls. Exhibitors in the product categories of “Electrics/Electronics & Mechatronics, Digital Connectivity & Software and IT Services” will now present their innovations in Halls 3 and 4 instead of their former location in Halls 1 and 2. Hall 1 is now home to exhibitors from the segment of “Plastics, Chemical Products & Vehicle Interiors/Modules”, while exhibitors focusing on “Production Management, IT & Automotive Services, Technical Development and Logistics” will showcase their products and services in Hall 2. The product category of “Assemblies / Drive Control, Chassis & Powertrain” can be found in Hall 5, and Hall 6 will continue to be known as the “Metal Hall”.

Marcus Köster, Technical Manager of the IZB on behalf of the exhibition company Messe Wolfsburg, explains the changes: “By redefining the focus topics of the different halls, we have responded to changing demands among our exhibitors. We now have a much larger number of interested exhibitors from the fields of software and digital services, who have also requested larger exhibition areas. At the same time, we are also delighted to report that the demand in the areas of electric drive systems and chassis in Hall 5 and metal components and car bodies in Hall 6 has remained constant. By focusing the Halls 1 and 2 on the topics of plastics, chemical products, vehicle interiors, production, logistics and development, we have thematically rounded off the hall concept to ensure that this year’s event in Wolfsburg yet again offers enough space for the entire production diversity of the automotive supplier industry."