Over 50 Exhibitors from the Partner Countries Argentina and Brazil Will Be Presented at the IZB 2012

Argentinian and Brazilian automotive suppliers will be presenting their technological expertise and innovative power at the 7th International Suppliers Fair (IZB) in the German city of Wolfsburg from 10th to 12th October 2012.

Wolfsburg, Germany, 10th May 2012 – The forecasts for the automotive markets in Brazil and Argentina are looking good, with an increase in wealth in both countries resulting in significant changes to consumer behaviour and supply structure. At the end of 2011, a study carried out by the management consultancy Roland Berger Strategy Consultants even predicted that Brazil could become the world’s third-largest passenger car market behind China and the USA in as early as 2015. This also offers suppliers in the country itself new business development prospects. Over 50 Argentinian and Brazilian automotive suppliers will be presenting their technological expertise and innovative power at the 7th International Suppliers Fair (IZB) in the German city of Wolfsburg from 10th to 12th October 2012.

This year, both nations are the partner countries of Europe's leading trade fair for the automotive supplier industry and therefore also form the focus of the extensive programme of specialist accompanying events such as expert congresses, workshops and forums. A total of around 700 exhibitors from Germany and over 25 other countries are expected to attend this year’s IZB.

“We are delighted to be able to welcome Argentina and Brazil to the IZB as the partner countries of this year’s event. Both nations are considered to be important emerging markets in the automotive industry and offer major opportunities for automotive manufacturers and supplier companies”, explains Julius von Ingelheim, the Spokesman of the Board of Wolfsburg AG, the company organising the event.

Argentina and Brazil on the Upswing

The selection of Argentina and Brazil as the partner countries of the IZB 2012 recognises the successful development of their automotive markets. The impact of the economic crisis in these two countries was significantly smaller than experienced in the rest of the world. In 2009, the year of economic crisis, sales figures in Brazil even increased by around eight percent compared to the record year of 2008, reaching a total of 3.1 million vehicles. On top of this, the growth achieved in 2010 and 2011 clearly indicates that the region will continue to be of central importance to the global market in 2012. 2010 was also a record year for Argentina’s automotive industry.

The quantity and quality of registrations for the 7th International Suppliers Fair (IZB) illustrate the event’s importance for the markets of the two partner countries. Global players from both countries such as Nalco do Brasil, Continental do Brasil and AETHRA Componentes Automotivos have signed up for the IZB alongside many small and medium-sized companies. The Association of Argentine Autoparts Manufacturers (AFAC) will also be represented at the trade fair. "The IZB is an ideal opportunity for us to present both our market and our products to an interested audience of trade visitors. We are certain that we will be able to establish important contacts at the event", explains Fabio Rozenblum, the President of the AFAC, confidently.

Focusing on South America

The development of the South American automotive market forms the focus of the extensive programme of events accompanying the IZB 2012. This programme will begin in as early as June 2012, when Wolfsburg AG will present a series of presentations examining the Argentinian and Brazilian automotive industry in cooperation with the AutoUni. This series consists of three presentations and will end with the International Automotive Congress on 9th October 2012, which will also kick off the IZB 2012. At this event, leading Argentinian, Brazilian and German speakers from the fields of business, technology and politics will be looking at the strategic and operative challenges facing manufacturers and suppliers in the South American market and providing information to give participants a more in-depth understanding of the market’s prospects, perspectives and framework conditions. This will provide the participants, in particular companies wanting to become involved in the South American market, with valuable insights and contacts.

The International Suppliers Fair in Wolfsburg has been hosted by Wolfsburg AG since 2001. Wolfsburg AG, a Public Private Partnership between Volkswagen AG and the city of Wolfsburg, is committed to identifying, developing and implementing projects that promote business and employment in Wolfsburg. Wolfsburg AG also offers relocation services and creates networking opportunities for automotive suppliers.