IZB live stage – insights from the Volkswagen world and trend talks on innovations and future trends

Innovative, live and interactive: As a hybrid communication platform, the IZB live stage is ideal for exciting talks, presentations and panel discussions on innovations, future trends and the latest focus topics in the industry. Are you interested in participating in the IZB live stage? Please feel free to contact us.

Initial topics such as insights from the planned Trinity factory, the presentation of the new NorthStar programme of Volkswagen Purchasing and presentations on all aspects of the topic Ecosystem, Circular Economy and Computer Vision have already been confirmed. Industry giants such as Huawei and Microsoft will also offer insights into their product innovations.

In the heart of the Software Marketplace, the live stage serves as a platform for industry experts, Volkswagen and suppliers. The presentations will be streamed via a digital platform and remain available online to be called up in the media center after the event. This extends the reach and enables all interested parties worldwide to participate in the quality program.

More information on the IZB live stage can be found online at IZB live stage.


credit: Adobe Stock, Aldeca Productions