Bylogix s.r.l.

Strada del Portone 159
10095 Grugliasco (TO)

Topic Others
Hall 4
Stand 4204B
Product Groups Complete on-board electronic systems, Electronic control systems, System development, Component develompment
Main exhibitor
Contact Pasquale Marasco
Telephone +39.011.740585
Fax: +39.011.0441362
Web address:
E-Mail: sales(at)bylogix(dot)it

Bylogix s.r.l. is an engineering company working in several areas since 2007. It is composed by a group of experts with a deep know-how in several engineering areas.


Our main strengths are the design and development of SW and HW for embedded electronic devices, the development of validation and testing systems, the verification of safety requirements following the current standards (ISO26262).


We work transversally, both in areas of technological frontier (R&D) and large-scale productions industry. The Company has indeed a multifaceted expertises in E/E architectures, mechanics, mechatronics, and informatics and is able to work both on single components and on the complex systems. Bylogix has developed, in the last years, solutions for Autonomous Driving using AI technologies such as Nvidia® platform.


We offer our Customers effective and innovative solutions and we care for their success through a partnership based on shared objectives and maximum quality standards.


Looking to the future and always open to new challenges, Bylogix is a constantly growing and evolving enterprise. It can adapt to a changing and increasingly competitive global market, thanks to effectiveness and creativity.