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AB Elektronik - Your trusted partner for sensors and power electronics

Under the brand AB Elektronik, the companies of AVX Sensing and Control Division are proven partners for design, development and manufacturing of world class sensors and power electronics.


Position Sensors ▪ Pedals ▪ Speed Sensors ▪ Pressure Sensors ▪ Temperature Sensors ▪ Fluid Quality Sensors ▪ Power Electronics ▪ LED Technology


Our stand on the 2018 IZB will showcase some highlights:

- SPINpad technology our inductive high speed rotation and position technology

- SIMPSpad technology, for integrated linear position sensing in damper applications

- Pedals with haptic communication features and temperature sensors for the battery

management systems.


Our booth team is looking forward to your visit in hall 1, booth 1318B.


Our key account teams, located in all major markets, work with our customers to understand their product development roadmaps. Building close relationships at all levels, they identify where we can apply our engineering expertise to support our customers and help them realize their objectives.


Our geographical footprint shows we are well placed to provide manufacturing and after-sales service and support in most major regions. In addition to our traditional manufacturing locations in Europe we offer our customers further resources in China, Japan, India, Mexico and America.



  • Transmission and Engine management brochure

    Sensing and Control for Transmission and Engine Applications: Driven by the latest legal exhaust gas standards, transmission and engine systems have to meet sophisticated challenges. Our wide sensing and control portfolio includes “Sense through” position technologies, 3-axial gear detection sensors, oil pressure and temperature sensors based on innovative technologies and designed for customer specific systems. Our new brochure shows transmission and engine applications.

  • Image brochure

    AB Elektronik - Automotive Sensing and Control Overview for green emission automotive technologies – Solutions to today's challenges in emission-, safety-, comfort- and electromobility applications. Our brochure shows a comprehensive overview of our range of products for innovative sensors and power electronics.

  • Exhaust aftertreatment brochure

    Sensing and Control for Exhaust Gas Aftertreatment: Overview of our portfolio for exhaust gas monitoring to meet the requirements of Euro 6 and Tier 4 emissions as well as other international requirements as BS VI (India) or CH6 (China).

  • Deutsch Rotorlagensensor für hohe Rotationsgeschwindigkeiten

    Rotorlagegeber mit SPINpad-Technologie wurden für den Einsatz in Elektromotoren von Hybrid- oder Elektrofahrzeugen entwickelt und exakt auf die anspruchsvolle Kombination aus hoher Genauigkeit und schneller Reaktionszeit abgestimmt. Ihr Einsatz ermöglicht dem Steuergerät, den Motor optimal zu betreiben. Hierdurch wird der Energieverbrauch reduziert und die Reichweite des Antriebes erhöht. Der Rotorlagengeber von AB Elektronik bietet durch den innovativen Einsatz der SPINpad-Technologie und die damit mögliche konsequente Auslegung auf hohe Rotationsgeschwindigkeiten einen neuen Level für anspruchsvolle Resolver-Anwendungen. Erste Prototypen dieses neuen Sensors haben laut Aussteller die marktführende Leistung demonstriert. Die Grundstruktur des Rotorlagengebers mit SPINpad-Technologie (Bild) basiert auf der ausgereiften und millionenfach bewährten Autopad®-Technologie. SPINpad eignet sich neben der Verwendung in einem Rotorlagengeber auch für weitere Applikationen.

    Pressekontakt: Sandra Groß
    Telefon: +49-2389-788175
    E-Mail: sandra.gross@abelektronik.de
    Internet: www.abelektronik.com


  • English High speed rotor position sensor

    Rotor position encoders based on SPINpad technology are designed for the electric motors of hybrid or electric vehicles, coping perfectly with the combination of high accuracy and fast response time required in this application. The encoders allow the control unit to drive the motor optimally, resulting in a reduction in energy consumption, and an increased range of the vehicle. AB Elektronik´s Rotor Position Encoder was specially developed for high speed rotation, and will offer a new level of performance for sophisticated resolver applications. First prototypes of this new sensor have according to exhibitor demonstrated market leading performance. The basic structure of the SPINpad sensor (see image) is similar to AB Elektronik‘s mature and proven Autopad® technology. SPINpad is chosen for use in rotor position encoders, but also for other applications.

    Press contact: Sandra Groß
    Telephone: +49-2389-788175
    E-mail: sandra.gross@abelektronik.de
    Website: www.abelektronik.com




    AB’s haptic accelerators use actuators that are ideally suited for the ever smaller space available in customers’ applications, while maintaining a low overall weight. The actuator for hanging pedals forms an upgrade: The basic design deploys a smart actuator which, being smaller than other commercial designs, can be retrofitted into the existing mounting space at any time. The mounting space does not have to be modified to accommodate an AB passive accelerator pedal plus actuator. The use of the actuator generates a double pulse on the force characteristic curve.


  • Shock absorber: Integrated Chassis level detection

    Shock absorber: Integrated Chassis level detection

    Our integrated position sensing solution for shock absorber applications is protected against external influences, and features a low parts count for efficient logistics. In addition to the almost complete elimination of mechanical hysteresis due to the direct linear position detection, the secondary benefits are:The design eliminates costs from storage of the booms, and significantly reduces logistics cost. We offer both the slim ‘classic’ concept for the conventional approach, and the pcb-based design, whose flexibility leaves room for inno


  • EURO 6C: High Temperature Sensor - AB Elektronik high-temperature sensor is suitable for temperatures between -40 to 1200 °C

    EURO 6C: High Temperature Sensor - AB Elektronik high-temperature sensor is suitable for temperatures between -40 to 1200 °C

    PWM, SENT and CAN (SAE J1939) interfaces are implemented. It could be used at any point in the exhaust pipe of petrol engines, for example in the exhaust manifold (before the turbocharger) to warn against excessive temperatures. With the EURO 6c, direct-injection petrol engines must also be equipped with particulate filters. AB Elektronik´s solution is a thermocouple sensor as a double module that combines two sensors with one electronics unit. Apart from cost benefits, this allows the sensors to be matched with tolerances of +/- 1 °C.