A. Henriques

Rua Oliveira Junior 786
3700-204 S. João Madeira

Thema Sonstiges
Halle 4
Stand 4206A
Ansprechpartner Luís Chaves
Telefon 00351-256201476
Fax: 00351-256832804
Web-Adresse: www.ahenriques.pt
E-Mail: luishchaves(at)ahenriques(dot)pt

AHenriques is one of the top rubber industries in Portugal, and is particularly oriented to the production of molded and extruded rubber components, having consolidated its reputation over a century.


We consume 3 tons of rubber per day, producing around 45 million pieces per year with full traceability. The elastomers and raw materials we use come from European suppliers who are certified and recognized worldwide in the compound market. Special elastomers (Silicone; FKM/FPM) represent 50% of our production.


Our products are subject to strict quality control, done in several stages throughout the manufacturing process.

We have a laboratory, equipped to ensure the laboratory control associated with our quality assurance, where we carry out the following tests on the characteristics of the rubber:


Rheometry / Mooney Viscosity / Density / Hardness / Tensile-strain at break / Tear resistance / Compression Set / Variation of properties by aging / Abrasion resistance


We work with our suppliers and customers on a daily basis, maintaining a long and well established relationship. With this we provide a reliable, safe and high quality service that meets engineering needs, while also reducing costs through technological innovation.