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Since 1998, A2Mac1 has been providing benchmarking services to the automotive industry. With a staff of 250 worldwide, we support most OEMs as well as a multitude of Tier 1 & 2 suppliers in their benchmarking operations. We have established an elite position in the automotive industry through our expertise in the areas of benchmarking and related software.


A comprehensive portfolio of services:

• Global coverage of all the major motor shows

• Complete teardown documentation of around 60 vehicles per year

• Advanced studies on vehicle architecture and systems

• Physical benchmarking, 3D scanning, assembly analysis, functional tests as well as cost evaluation

• Integrated data management software solutions


A2Mac1 enables you to concentrate your resources on analysis and cut your benchmarking costs dramatically.

A highly effective benchmarking methodology with standardized repeatable processes.

  • Innovation Bench - 3D Parts

    Innovation Bench - 3D Parts

    We provide a 3D scan on virtually every single vehicle part. The scans are accessible on an intuitive and integrated web-based platform without any CAD software or plugin. Our new solution does not only enable your teams to easily navigate all vehicles and parts in 3D, it also drives together all A2Mac1 data and helps you gain immediate insights to boost your innovation process.

  • EV/Hybrid Analysis

    EV/Hybrid Analysis

    We offer an in-depth exploration of all high-voltage components and technologies. We provide highly detailed analysis describing the battery cell’s internal structures, chemical composition, cathode/anode/separator architecture and elemental mapping, as well as charge/discharge characteristics of the individual cells.

  • Benchmarking


    We offer the most comprehensive, standardized and detailed documentation of motorized vehicles, equipment, systems and components available. With the automotive industry at our core, we also support the trucking, motorcycle, construction and agricultural industries, among others.

    As experts in vehicle disassembly, measurement, imaging, 3D optical scanning and sectioning, all of our data is captured methodically, using a standardized approach. Data is delivered in a user-friendly format, via web-accessible software, designed to help your teams complete effective analysis.