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IZB 2018 Trade Fair Catalogue, printed version
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Delivery of the IZB Trade Fair Catalogue within Germany is only possible by cash on delivery. Catalogues delivered to international addresses must be paid for in advance. Cash on delivery is not possible for delivery to international addresses. You will receive an invoice after placing your order. The catalogue will be dispatched once payment is complete. Delivery costs are provided in Euro and calculated according to the desired number of catalogues:

Number of Catalogues Germany Europe International
1 item (large letter) 2,20 (postage) 6,00 (postage) 12,00 (postage)
2 item (parcel) 3,90 (postage) 8,60 (postage) 13,90 (postage)
3 item (parcel) 3,90 (postage) 8,60 (postage) 13,90 (postage)
More than 3 items on request on request on request
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