The 9th International Suppliers Fair (IZB) – Lower Saxony Makes a Mark as an Automotive Location

The automotive industry is and continues to be the largest industrial employer in the German federal state of Lower Saxony. 30 percent of all industrial jobs in the state are directly connected to vehicle manufacturing activities, which are also responsible for a number of jobs in the service sector. Around 60 companies from Lower Saxony will be demonstrating how they are perfectly preparing for the future at the 9th International Suppliers Fair (IZB) in Wolfsburg from 18th to 20th October 2016. A total of around 800 exhibitors from 32 different countries will use the specialist trade fair as an opportunity to present their products and services, many of which are connected to the event's main focus of "Mobility Goes Digital". Four of the 46 world premieres that have been announced in the run-up to the event are being presented by exhibitors from the Braunschweig-Wolfsburg region, for example a highly precise scanner for 3D digitisation and a simulator that provide users with a hands-on experience of driver assistance systems.

"When the IZB opens its doors for the ninth time in the coming week, the global supply industry will focus its attention on Wolfsburg. As was its intention from the very start, the trade fair is an outstanding platform for emphasising the power and performance of companies from the local region. By securing their position in the global network of supplier chains, these companies can benefit our entire region", declares Julius von Ingelheim, the Spokesman of the Board of Wolfsburg AG, explaining the importance of the event for the economic strength and positioning of the Braunschweig- Wolfsburg region. Given the high level of interest in the trade fair among exhibitors and the multitude of new registrations received for the event, Wolfsburg AG, which has been organising the IZB since 2001, expects this year's event to be a success.

Regional supplier companies as a driving force behind innovation

The International Suppliers Fair has established itself as an important platform for business and innovation in the automotive industry. In the run-up to the event, more than 100 of the around 800 exhibiting companies announced that they will be presenting new product innovations in Wolfsburg, including 46 world premieres. Experience has shown that further premiere exhibits will also be added to this tally throughout the trade fair. The IZB InnovationsReport, which is available online at www.izb-online.com/en/press/innovations-report-of-the-izb-2016, contains a number of innovations and world premieres from companies from the Braunschweig-Wolfsburg region, namely GOM – Gesellschaft für Optische Messtechnik mbH, AICON 3D Systems GmbH, c4c Engineering GmbH, ES-Tec GmbH, ITConcepts Automotive GmbH and Wolfsburg AG. These represent just some of the around 30 companies from the local region exhibiting at the event, many of which are automotive suppliers from Braunschweig and Wolfsburg.

"Many of the companies based in our region belong to the top group of driving forces behind innovation in the automotive industry. These companies set standards in the industry. As a location, we are required to keep up with the latest developments when it comes to our infrastructure and our profile of services and offers", states Klaus Mohrs, the Mayor of the City of Wolfsburg and a patron of the IZB. According to Klaus Mohrs, the IZB provides companies with a more extensive insight into the global industry and offers them the opportunity to establish long-standing partnerships. Many companies show that they greatly value this opportunity by returning to Wolfsburg to exhibit at the IZB every two years. In fact, some of these exhibitors have been attending the event since 2001, for example the Japanese global corporation Denso and the companies InPro electric GmbH and Schnellecke Group AG & Co. KG, both of which are based in Wolfsburg.

Establishing contacts and business relationships creates added value

"Business networking is more than just a buzzword at the IZB. More than 90 percent of exhibitors at the trade fair in 2014 stated that they were satisfied or very satisfied with their time at the event and particularly highlighted the opportunities available to establish business relationships", explains Stephan Böddeker, the IZB Project Manager at the company Wolfsburg AG, the organiser of the event. The Automotive Cluster in Lower Saxony also works to successfully promote innovations and internationalisation in the automotive industry by focusing on networking activities on a regional, national and even global level. In Hall 2 of the IZB, companies from all over Northern Germany will present their products and services at a joint stand covering an area of 150 square metres and run by the Automotive Cluster ITS automotive nord, a partner in the umbrella organisation "Automotive Nord", which was founded in 2016 and is open to automotive companies in all federal states in Northern Germany. Trade visitors to the stand can find out more about materials, magnet systems, non-destructive measurement technology, engineering and IT services.

At the IZB's traditional Job Fair event, which will be held on 20th October, the third day of the trade fair, visitors can make the most of career opportunities and the chance to meet and make new contacts. The Job Fair enables jobseekers to discuss career entry, career, employment and further education opportunities with the human resources representatives of exhibiting companies, which in turn can use the platform as an opportunity to find suitable new employees.