"Mobility Goes Digital"

Focus of Specialist Trade Fair for Automotive Suppliers in 2016

Digitalisation and networking are both essential topics when it comes to the development strategies of automotive manufacturers and supplier companies. After all, the vehicles of the future will be able to directly access the Internet and communicate with other objects such as infrastructural elements and household devices. From 18th to 20th October 2016, the International Supplier's Fair (IZB) in Wolfsburg will present solutions in the fields of driver assistance systems, vehicle networking and smartphone and tablet PC integration in line with its main focus of "Mobility Goes Digital". Both a special exhibition in Hall 1 featuring exhibitors such as Samsung, Sony, Sharp and ASUS and the International Automotive Congress held the day before the start of the IZB will encourage visitors to focus on the connection between IT and mobility. If you are interested in the IZB 2016, you can find more information online at www.izb-online.com.

When it comes to the future of mobility and therefore also the future of the automotive industry, networked vehicles and autonomous driving are central concepts. Both of these future-oriented options can, however, only be achieved with new comprehensive digital solutions along the entire value chain. The progress being made in terms of digitalisation is additionally resulting in changes to production processes, communication and customer relations in all business areas and areas of life. Automotive suppliers, which are responsible for around 70 percent of the value created in the field of global automotive manufacturing, are therefore also facing a number of challenges.

"The digital transition offers a great deal of innovation and new market opportunities for supplier companies that are taking on an increasing number of tasks and responsibilities with regard to research and development. At the IZB, our special exhibition in Hall 1 will offer them an important presentation and contact platform", emphasises Stephan Böddeker, the IZB Project Manager at Wolfsburg AG, the company behind the event.

On 17th October, the day before the start of the trade fair, the International Automotive Congress will invite both German and international experts to come and discuss the topic of digitalisation.