Fully Automatic Carsharing – Sharing Has Never Been So Easy

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Using vehicles to the maximum possible extent helps to protect the environment and saves hard cash. Many people are therefore now choosing to make the most of carsharing schemes. Nevertheless, when it comes to carsharing, factors such as key management and access control often lead to large delays or high costs. These problems, however, are now a thing of the past thanks to the electronic carsharing solution (see image) from AMV networks. The extraordinary system developed by the exhibitor facilitates fully automatic carsharing that does not require any interference with vehicle electronics. It complies with the strictest global data protection standards and enables AMV to use an on-board unit to provide an abundance of information such as a vehicle's location, number of kilometres travelled, fuel level and much more, as well as enabling users to lock and unlock vehicles via a device such as a smartphone. According to the exhibitor, AMV Networks is a reliable partner offering a comprehensive solution for anyone who wants to achieve efficient and sustainable mobility.
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