We are very pleased that you would like to be present at IZB 2022.

You have the choice between a regular exhibition stand and an exclusive exhibition space in the izbCUBE:

All registered interested companies have automatically received the registration information by e-mail.
Please find below the current stand prices for an exhibition stand:

izbCUBE - Everything starts with an exclusive exhibition area. Use your own pavilion to present your company at the IZB 2022 in a special way.
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Stand Prices

Stand Type bookable Price
Row stand area from 12 sqm 170.00 Euro/sqm
Corner stand area from 18 sqm 180.00 Euro/sqm
End stand area from 30 sqm 190.00 Euro/sqm
Island stand area from 50 sqm 195.00 Euro/sqm

Additionally bookable Stand Construction Packages

Messe-Set bookable for Price in addition to the above stand price
Messe-Set Basis Row, Corner, End and Island Stand Area à 110.00 Euro/sqm
Messe-Set Basis+ Row, Corner, End and Island Stand Area à 160.00 Euro/sqm
Messe-Set Exclusive End and Island Stand Area à 300.00 Euro/sqm

Stand Package Basis

The Price Includes:
- light grey carpet
- silver system elements; construction height: 2.5 m
- a 1 x 1 m cabin with a lockable white door
- a fascia panel with design elements in the stand colour at the open sides of the stand, without lettering, construction height: 3.0 m
- lighting in the form of long-arm spotlights with a spotlight for every 4 sqm

Stand Package Basis+

The Price Includes:
- light grey carpet
- MilaWall wall system construction; construction height: 3 m
- a 2 x 1 m cabin with a lockable white door
- a suspended front-panel attached to a MAXIMA light beam system construction, without lettering
- lighting in the form of spotlights on the back walls with a spotlight for every 4 sqm
- 1 counter, 2 brochure holders

This stand type is made of sustainable material!

Stand Package Exclusive

The Price Includes:
- Raised floor including carpet rips
- Construction made of "MilaWall" wall system, height 4 m, including a side-mounted door for use of the rear wall construction as storage
- Traverse construction to accommodate spotlights, one spotlight per 4 sqm stand area
- 2 backlit steles 4 x 1 m in the entrance area
- 1 counter black & white large



Please note

Order forms for panel lettering, furniture, power and water supplies, etc. will be sent to you separately (in the IZB-ServiceShop). The removal of the protective sheet before the beginning of the trade fair must be ordered on the “Stand Cleaning“ form. The back and side walls are also available in ten basic colours on request and at extra cost.