UMA Navigation – For an Intelligent Journey from A to B

UMA Navigation – For an Intelligent Journey from A to B

Are you planning to travel by car to the International Suppliers Fair? If so, we recommend that you take advantage of the Urban Mobility Assistance (UMA) service available from the company Wolfsburg AG and benefit from the intelligent swarm algorithm which determines the current situation of the roads and will easily lead you to your destination, thus reducing the risk of getting stuck in a traffic jam. UMA additionally navigates you to free parking zones and shows the current number of other drivers heading to the same destination.

Using UMA makes mobility even easier for you: the UMA apps communicate with each other and by doing so, bring you to your destination more successfully than other apps.
The UMA Navigation app is available for free for Android and Apple in the corresponding app stores. Try out UMA for yourself now and find out how you can make the most of an even smoother journey from A to B!

You can download the app at
here for iOS
or here for Android

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