Even More Innovations in the IZB Innovations Report

Even More Innovations in the IZB Innovations Report

The IZB Innovations Report 2016 has yet again achieved a number of new record totals, not only in terms of the number of report texts published, but also with regard to the internationality of participants and the number of world premieres being exhibited at this year’s event.

At this year’s IZB, Wolfsburg AG is publishing the Innovations Report for the fourth time since its introduction in 2010. This year's report has yet again made a number of impressive achievements in comparison with previous years. The recently completed online version of the Innovations Report 2016 contains a total of 112 texts, virtually all of which are illustrated. The publication showcases a total of 46 world premieres, namely products, systems and services that are being presented to a large specialist audience for the first time ever at the IZB 2016, from 38 different exhibitors. The report published two years ago contained a total of 76 texts, 30 of which featured world premieres. A multitude of exhibitors from outside of Germany have also again submitted texts for the Innovations Report, with this year's publication featuring products and services from Austria, Belgium, China, France, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey and the USA. Together with Germany, this year's report therefore features a total of 15 countries compared to the nine nations presented in the report published for the IZB 2014.

Seven exhibitors with several world premieres

The German company VR Automotive Dichtungssysteme GmbH is presenting not one, but three world premieres at this year's trade fair: its SOA seal design for air-conditioning compressors, its DLD design for dynamic sealing applications and its V1PF range of seals with improved energy efficiency, durability and prices. The company baier & michels GmbH und Co. KG from Germany, the CYG – Chang Yuan Group from China, the Federal-Mogul Holdings Corporation from the USA, Fukui Byora Co., Ltd. from Japan, Sandler AG from Germany and the Sapa Group from Norway will all be presenting two world premieres at the event in Wolfsburg. At the IZB held two years ago, only four exhibitors showcased more than one world premiere.

baier & michels has developed the b&m CARBON product range for robust and corrosion-free direct screwing into carbon fibre reinforced materials, while its b&m TIGHT range is suitable for both high-strength steels and tough-soft aluminium alloys. The safety heat shrink tubing WCT® by CYG, which features hot-melt adhesive, not only stands out due to its outstanding properties in terms of sealing and transparency, but also due to its special installation markings, while the ARC assembly system available from the Chinese company quickly and efficiently brings together trunk groups in a variety of different sizes.

Fewer costs and no material waste

Federal-Mogul Powertrain's EcoTough New Generation, which was designed especially for Otto engines, and its EcoTough D coating specifically for diesel engines help to further reduce internal friction, wear and noise. The company Fukui Byora has succeeded in replacing two-piece machined parts with one-piece cold-formed components involving a cost reduction of 50 percent and no material waste. The exhibitor from Japan now also uses cold-forming technology to produce shift lever components in two parts rather than in one piece in order to meet customer requirements and achieve a cost reduction of 20 percent.

The innovative product structure of the "sawasorb® advanced" range of absorber products by Sandler enables outstanding sound absorption in the case of low and high frequencies with a low installation depth, while "sawasorb® premium exterior shadow" stands out due to its permanent hydrophobic and oleophobic qualities. The Norwegian company Sapa has developed a new high tensile and strong alloy that makes the idea of aluminium brake tubes a reality, while its compact slotted collected tube is comprised of several individual components and is particularly ideal for hybrid vehicles.