The IZB Innovations Report Achieves New Record Totals

The IZB Innovations Report Achieves New Record Totals

The IZB Innovations Report 2014 has achieved a number of new record totals, both in terms of the number of report texts published and the number of world premieres being exhibited at this year’s event.

At this year’s IZB, Wolfsburg AG is again publishing the Innovations Report for the third time following its successful reports in 2010 and 2012. This year's report has yet again recorded a number of impressive achievements in comparison with previous years, for example the fact that now, shortly before the editorial deadline for the online edition, it contains well over 70 illustrated texts. The Innovations Report 2014 will showcase around 30 world premieres, namely products, systems and services that are being presented to a large specialist audience for the first time ever at the IZB 2014.

The report published two years ago contained a total of 64 texts, just 14 of which featured world premieres. A multitude of exhibitors from countries outside of Germany, for example Great Britain, Italy, Korea, Luxembourg and Austria, have again submitted texts for this year’s report, which also features companies from Malaysia and Thailand, two of the countries in this year’s IZB partner region, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

Four exhibitors are even showcasing two world premieres each at their stands at the trade fair, namely the companies Somboon Advance Technology PLC from Thailand, Borealis AG from Austria and Diehl Metall Stiftung & Co. KG and the FAIST ChemTec Group from Germany. Somboon will present its new extremely precise, highly ductile and finely structured coil springs and a new stabiliser bar for the spring system for the first time at the IZB 2014. Borealis will showcase two new materials as world premieres, one of which is ideal for use in structural and visible parts and the other of which is suitable for applications in which UV resistance and scratch resistance are required.

Diehl Metall will use the trade fair to inform visitors about the latest developments in its work on contact systems for lithium-ion batteries and new extremely wear-resistant high-tensile brass alloys. The FAIST ChemTec Group will present its new adhesive pad for the secure sealing of holes during the painting process and a system for the automated application of damping films.

The innovations and world premieres from other exhibitors at the IZB are also sure to attract a large amount of interest among both trade visitors and media representatives from all over the world. A few examples of further highlight exhibits include the “Cape Town 945” from the company Blaupunkt Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., which features a high-end tuner, is able to play different audio formats and to use Android applications, the multi-functional “VL 2:12" pick-up turning machine developed by the EMAG Group from Thailand, the urban mobility vehicle from the Italian company From Concept to Car, the networking of the “Motoman SDA10D” 15-axis dual-arm robot from Yaskawa with a 3D camera system for spatial monitoring or the solution from the company HELLA KGaA Hueck & Co. from Germany, which enables the individual control of each LED on headlight reflectors.