Symposium: “Resource-Efficient Automotive Production” - Thinking Across System Boundaries

Symposium: “Resource-Efficient Automotive Production” - Thinking Across System Boundaries

With an awareness for climate change and increasingly scarce raw materials, there is a growing importance to take measures towards resource efficiency, also in the automotive industry. Above all, companies involved in production and process engineering as well as production equipment suppliers are required to devise new solutions in order to maintain their own competitive edge.


The possibilities for and approaches to energy-efficient and material-efficient production will form the focus of the “Resource-Efficient Automotive Production” Symposium organised by Wolfsburg AG and the Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology (IWU) from Chemnitz. Those interested are very welcome to join the symposium held at the Mobility Forum in Hall 1 on 15th October 2014.

The event, staged on the exhibition grounds of the IZB 2014 in Wolfsburg‘s Allerpark, will feature presentations not only by representatives of the event organisers but also by experts from Volkswagen AG and the companies BRAUN Car Tec GmbH, FORCAM GmbH, KUKA Roboter GmbH, as well as SITEC Industrietechnologie GmbH. Guido Reinking, Editor-in-Chief of the trade newspaper "Automobilwoche", will moderate the event.

Please note that the symposium will be held in German. If you are interested in attending the event, you can find the event programme, the Terms and Conditions of Participation and further information at www.izb-ressourceneffizienz.com.

Due to a limited number of places, we recommend that you sign up for the event as soon as possible.