A Change in Perspective with the Modular Age Simulation Suit (MAX)

A Change in Perspective with the Modular Age Simulation Suit (MAX)

Nowadays, demographic change is more than just a prognosis for the future. The proportion of older people in the entire population is growing increasingly rapidly and as a result, companies need to develop new strategies for dealing with changing groups of customers and an ageing workforce.

What physical changes can we expect to experience as we age? What do companies need to bear in mind where these changes are concerned? The Modular Age Simulation Suit (MAX) from the company Wolfsburg AG provides answers to these questions by enabling users to experience the everyday realities of older people by limiting their ability to see, move and hear, making them weaker and reducing their sense of touch. Companies can then use these experiences to adapt their products, services and working or living environments and to improve their own health awareness.

Wolfsburg AG can now look back on an abundance of experience gathered from over 400 uses of the Age Simulation Suit both in Germany and abroad, with testers coming from an extremely wide variety of different areas, for example the health care, industrial and retail sectors, universities and educational institutions. The suit has also attracted the attention of private individuals who simply want to put themselves in the shoes of their own parents or grandparents and improve their understanding of their lives. Wolfsburg AG additionally uses MAX for its activities in the field of market research, namely to conduct tests with different age groups in order to find out what constitutes an optimal design for generation-specific workplaces.

The suit was developed by Chemnitz University of Technology based on an initiative launched by the Volkswagen AutoUni, Audi AG and Volkswagen Group Research. It contains ten individual components that are able to simulate physical changes in three different levels of difficulty. MAX was developed on the basis of knowledge and findings gathered from over 200 scientific studies in the fields of medicine, gerontology, sports science and ergonomics.
MAX is an innovative product for open-minded customers that can be hired out for events, product development activities, staff training courses, workplace optimisation activities and tests. Are you interested in our modular age simulation suit or would you like to find out more?

If so, then come and visit us at the Wolfsburg AG stand in Hall 1 on Wednesday, 15th October 2014, at the International Suppliers Fair (IZB) 2014 or find us online at www.max-altersanzug.de. On the same day you will also have the opportunity to sit in on the “A Change in Perspective with the Modular Age Simulation Suit (MAX)” presentation which starts at 3pm.

Ms Sabine Hohenhövel
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Ms Sabine Nikisch
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