Software Marketplace

The Software Marketplace at IZB 2022 offers a special showcase for current trend topics relating to the digitalisation of products and production in the automotive industry.

It consists of an exhibition area oriented towards co-working spaces for up-and-coming software companies, a live stage for hybrid lecture and talk formats and a cross-industry area. The focus here is on technologies that were developed outside the automotive industry but have interfaces with it or could have interfaces with it in the future.


Cross-Industry Area

LeichtWerk AG

Braunschweig-based LeichtWerk AG is showing its StratoStreamer. The unmanned aircraft with a long flight duration, provides real broadband coverage from the air regardless of season and latitude. It thus enables effective and highly profitable communication services for the automotive industry.

Lilian Labs GmbH

Lilian Labs GmbH presents its novel mobile measuring system for the determination of water properties and quality. Against the background of resource and energy efficiency, it also offers industrial companies a suitable instrument for water analysis in the production environment.

Best GmbH

Similar to an e-bike, the small boat of the Seacycler from Best GmbH is powered by its own pedal power and a battery. The design of the drive train, the software and the control units have interfaces with the automotive industry.

The following companies are exhibiting at the Software Marketplace:

Windhoff Software Services GmbH
Red Hat GmbH
Nekonata XR Technologies GmbH
Dressler Automation GmbH
Mindmotiv GmbH
Catena-X Automotive Network e.V.
Karakun GmbH
Intellias Global Limited


The IZB Live Stage forms the link between the two areas. Here, speakers from Volkswagen and supplier companies will present current topics from the focus areas of software, production 4.0, cyber security, autonomous driving and e-mobility in keynotes and discussion rounds. The complete programme is available here.