Five, Four, Three, Two, One: Lift-Off for Our Brand-New Website!

With this newsletter marking the end of the countdown, the organisation team behind the IZB is pleased to announce the official launch of the completely new IZB website. The moment you first lay eyes on, you are sure to notice a multitude of ‘mores’: more modern, more attractive, more extensive and more informative. Alongside the website’s attractive layout, other eye-catching features include clear user-friendly page structures and information levels arranged hierarchically. The main menu items in the top bar, for example, provide visitors, exhibitors and media representatives, as well as interested automotive industry specialists, with facts on the IZB, information on the planning of and participation in the trade fair, the latest press news and contact details.

One of the main features of the completely redeveloped and clearly laid out homepage is its dynamic design. As you move your cursor over the page, it brings different pictures and graphics ‘to life’, for example by zooming in on or focusing the images. Who, for example, are the patrons of the IZB 2020 and what do the premium packages have to offer? The fact that the graphics get bigger as you move your cursor over them makes the corresponding info box quick and easy to find.

You can also discover the IZB news presented in a brand-new design: simply use your mouse to move articles to the side, just like ‘swiping’ on your smartphone or tablet. This solution enables you to quickly find the window containing the information you are looking for. How many exhibitors and trade visitors attended the IZB 2018? How many nations took part and how many world premieres were showcased? The four counters rapidly rotate to immediately reveal the answers. A little bit further down the page, visitors can access the detailed results of the IZB 2018 surveys. These are just a few of the highlights of the brand-new IZB website. There are far too many to list here but you can now discover them for yourself. What are you waiting for?

The IZB team hopes that you will have plenty of fun exploring the new website.