The IZB 2018 – An Anniversary Event with a Positive Response

Huge interest in the focus topic of “Think Digital”, more exhibitors, increased internationality and a successful and future-proof B2B trade fair concept all contributed towards the success of the 10th International Suppliers Fair (IZB), which took place in the German city of Wolfsburg from 16th to 18th October 2018.

About 50,000 visitors from all over the world attended the exhibition, which was held over a period of three days, and visited the stands of 838 exhibitors from 34 different countries. In the run-up to the event, its exhibitors announced that they would be showcasing a total of 38 world premieres.

The response to the IZB among visitors and exhibitors was very positive, as was confirmed by the representative survey conducted by an independent opinion research institute during the trade fair.

Download of the survey results of the IZB 2018


Top-quality information for trade visitors
93 percent of the visitors questioned gave the IZB 2018 an overall rating of very good or good. 79 percent stated that Europe’s leading trade fair for the automotive supplier industry provided them with an overview of the market. Over two thirds of visitors (90%) made the most of the trade fair as a source of information on innovations in the automotive industry. Other significant reasons for visiting the event included further education and initiating or preparing business transactions.

Huge interest in electrics, electronics and mechatronics
Alongside the focus topic of “Think Digital”, visitors to the trade fair were also particularly interested in the field of electrics/electronics/mechatronics (39%), followed by the topics of passenger compartment/modules/plastics/chemical products and metal and lightweight construction/car body manufacturing (both with 26%). Alongside Volkswagen and its 12 brands, 14 other OEMs also made use of the IZB 2018 as a global information platform, namely: BMW, Chrysler, Daimler, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Hyundai Kia, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Opel, PSA, Renault-Nissan, Suzuki and Toyota.

Strong use of digital services
71 percent of those surveyed declared that the IZB is a well-known event in the industry or among their superiors. More than two thirds of visitors to the IZB spent three to six hours at the trade fair. The digital services available at the event, for example the app, the online exhibitor list and online ticket sales, were used by 86 percent of visitors.

Nearly all visitors want to return to the event
More than half of the survey participants (53%) visited more than ten exhibitors during their time at the IZB. Approximately a third of visitors (32%) attended the event in the exhibition halls in the Allerpark in Wolfsburg on more than one day. The second day of the exhibition yet again attracted the most visitors. Last but not least, a total of 96 percent of the visitors surveyed declared that they also want to return to the IZB in 2020.

Exhibitors were able to optimally showcase their products and services
In the survey, nearly three quarters of exhibitors stated that they had a very positive or positive overall impression of the IZB 2018. The other exhibitors surveyed were satisfied with the anniversary event. 93 percent of exhibitors responded particularly well to the trade fair's wide variety of different exhibitors and its internationality, rating both as good or very good. The exhibitors at the event can be categorised as follows: 42 percent: direct suppliers (tier 1), 40 percent: sub-suppliers (tier 2) and 18 percent: suppliers (tier 3). At the IZB 2018, eight of the world’s ten highest-volume automotive supplier companies showcased their products and services.

Image cultivation and production presentation were key objectives
More than three quarters of exhibitors (76%) gave the IZB 2018 a positive rating as a marketing platform. 91 percent of the exhibitors surveyed stated that one of the key objectives behind their involvement in the trade fair was to present their company and cultivate its image and 81 percent listed the presentation of products and new developments as a main goal. Another important aspect behind their participation in the IZB was to observe competitors and the market (79%).

Focusing on establishing and maintaining contacts
88 percent of those surveyed stated that the IZB offered them a very good opportunity to maintain contacts and provided excellent potential for establishing new contacts. At the IZB 2018, the majority of exhibitors were able to further intensify connections with existing customers and suppliers (91%) and at the same time establish contact with new prospective customers and suppliers (85%). At the time of the survey, over half of the individuals representing companies at the exhibition stands were the managers of these organisations (53%).

Many exhibitors want to return to the event
A large number of the exhibitors surveyed, namely 55 percent, definitely want to participate in Europe’s leading showcase event for the automotive supplier industry again at the next opportunity. 96 percent of the survey participants who confirmed their intention to participate in the IZB 2020 said that they want to hire exhibition stands of the same size or larger for the event.