IZB Live Stage: make the most of innovative talks hosted in Hall 1 at the IZB on 11th and 12th October 2022

At the International Suppliers Fair (IZB) in Wolfsburg, the IZB Live Stage is an ideal platform for exciting talks, presentations and panel discussions on the latest focus topics in the automotive industry. From Cyber Security to Production 4.0 and right through to Circular Economy, the event provides interesting insights for visitors attending in person or virtually. www.izb-online.com/livestage

You can find the current highlights of our Live Stage programme here:

Presentation of the strategy behind the NorthStar programme by the Volkswagen Purchasing department

Dr Geng Wu, Volkswagen AG

Trinity – Insights from the Trinity Factory and the Vehicle


Dr Sebastian Schmickartz,
Dr Gjucki Tettenborn, Volkswagen AG

Digital@Trinity - what do we expect from our suppliers to establish the digital future of production

Dirk Voigt,

Timon Thomaser,
Volkswagen AG

The Digital Impact in Production – a Superpower for Quality Assurance and Against a Lack of Qualified Staff


Wolfgang Mahanty, OPTIMUM datamanagement solutions GmbH 

Volkswagen: Our Future as a Mobility Service Provider – presentations and panel discussion


Dr Silke Bagschik, Volkswagen AG
Dr Chrisitan Dahlheim, Volkswagen Financial Services AG
Heiko Hüttel, Microsoft
Thomas Gallner, Cariad SE

Product presentation: Sparklink – Short Range Connectivity For Intelligent Vehicles  

tbd, Huawei

Start-up pitches


Motivation and objectives for Circular Economy in the automotive industry

Dr Marko Gernuks; Volkswagen AG and partners

The Autonomobile – Impact on Driver Behaviour and New Business Models


Robert Tietje, Volkswagen AG

Cyber Security: Awareness and Demands of Volkswagen AG Regarding Information Security for Suppliers

tbd, Volkswagen AG

Cyber Security: UN Regulation R 155 – Demands and Interfaces with Suppliers

Henning Harbs, Volkswagen AG

Driver and Cabin Monitoring and Function on Demand as a Subscription Model

tbd, Gentex GmbH

Creating a comprehensive ecosystem for computer vision applications -  Volkswagen Vision Workbench


Markus Zarbock, Volkswagen AG