The launch of the IZB Innovations Report 2021

At this year’s International Suppliers Fair (IZB), the event organiser, Wolfsburg AG, is again planning to publish an issue of its Innovations Report, which has become somewhat of a tradition since its first release at the IZB 2010. Companies from both Germany and abroad will yet again be able to present their innovations in the report showcasing a large number of new and further developed products, systems, equipment and technologies, as well as new services. A preliminary version of the Innovations Report will be exclusively sent to decision-makers, representatives of Volkswagen and key communicators in the run-up to the IZB 2021 and can therefore be used as a basis for further decisions and plans connected to the trade fair.

Over the past few days, all main exhibitors at the IZB received correspondence about the report from the trade fair team. This document provides a short and concise description of the modalities of the Innovations Report, for example information on contacts and editorial deadlines. The main focus of the publication is placed on the highlight exhibits and outstanding services showcased at the IZB, but not on presenting the companies attending the event.

The first editorial deadline is 4th June 2021, and the final deadline is 20th August. The individual reports will be gradually published on the IZB website and on the social media channels from mid-June onwards. We also plan to produce a PDF version containing all reports once they have been published online. The Innovations Report offers exhibitors an ideal opportunity to present their IZB highlights both at the event and further afield, regardless of time or location.



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