Structural changes in the exhibition grounds

A few weeks ago, the fourth inner-city rapid charging station in Wolfsburg was put into operation. At the station in the Allerpark in Wolfsburg, which is also home to the exhibition grounds of the International Suppliers Fair (IZB), electric vehicles can now be charged in no time at all at six charging posts with a charging performance of up to 350 kilowatts. The charging posts can be accessed around the clock and are suitable for all electric vehicles compatible with the European rapid charging standard CCS. The charging station project was managed by the company Wolfsburg AG, which is also the organiser of the IZB.


The construction of the new rapid charging station required structural changes to be made to the exhibition grounds in the area of Hall 3. This led to the remeasurement of the site and a new layout for the exhibition halls, which in turn resulted in more effective planning and a more efficient distribution of the areas within the halls. By optimising the position and size of the exhibition halls, Wolfsburg AG has now been able to provide space for a number of companies that were previously on the waiting list for the event. The companies concerned will soon receive their stand allocations from the IZB team.


To better meet the demand for stand space and the requests of exhibitors, the team behind the IZB has also adapted the distribution of the key topics of the event in some of the halls. The revised hall concept will be presented in an upcoming newsletter.



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