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The Covid-19 pandemic is a source of major challenges for all of us on both a personal and professional level. What’s more, nobody really knows when the situation will improve substantially. In 2020, the pandemic also made its mark on the International Suppliers Fair (IZB), which had to be postponed until 5th to 7th October 2021 as a result. Despite this setback and the huge impacts of the crisis on the run-up to the event, we are delighted and proud to report that our exhibitors have displayed a great degree of interest in the trade fair, as is reflected by the positive number of registrations received. This is impressive proof of the high significance of our IZB for the entire automotive industry. Our trade fair team would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank you for your loyalty to the event!

To stay in close contact with those involved in the trade fair, we launched the “From the IZB for the IZB” campaign on what would have been the opening day of the 11th IZB in October last year. The campaign received an extremely positive response, with a multitude of exhibitors sending us videos in which they present their product highlights alongside a statement regarding the IZB. These clips can still be viewed online, both on our YouTube channel and our IZB website.

For us as the organiser of the IZB, the Covid-19 pandemic and its consequences require us to expand the focus of the trade fair and go beyond our core event organisation activities. Together with our exhibitors, partners and guests, we want to make the IZB a place where people can come together and make the most of added value. We can only achieve this by communicating with key players representing both our exhibitors and visitors in an intensive exchange and system-supported approach. To this purpose, we recently conducted a survey focusing on the IZB. The survey involved questions such as “What are the issues that will shape the future of the automotive industry?”, “What do you expect from the IZB in the future?” and “Can you imagine a virtual expansion of the traditional concept for future IZBs?” The survey aimed to better evaluate and design the content of the International Suppliers Fair together with our exhibitors and make it a more future-proof event. We would very much like to thank all respondents for their strong interest and active participation in the survey and are pleased to present a selection of the results in this newsletter.


Some of the results of the IZB survey

One of the purposes of the survey was to gain an insight into the importance of the future topics of the automotive industry for all parties involved. The results enabled us to produce a top 10 ranking based on importance:


  1. Emission avoidance
  2. Battery technology
  3. E-mobility
  4. Automation
  5. Hydrogen
  6. Intelligent mobility systems
  7. Autonomous driving / driverless systems
  8. Networked mobility
  9. Software
  10. Digital factory management


When asked “Can you imagine a virtual expansion of the traditional concept for future IZBs?”, 16 percent of respondents stated that this would bring them a lot of added value, while 59 percent claimed that it might be of interest to them. 25 percent of respondents are not interested in a virtual expansion of the event.


The top two answers to the question “Which components/aspects of a virtual trade fair can you imagine for future IZBs?” were

a digital showroom (24%) and
group and individual chats (22%).


The overall evaluation of the survey results will be published in our next newsletter in March.

Our team is also still happy to help you via all of our channels. Follow us on social media under the hashtags #izb2021 and #vonderizbfuerdieizb for the latest information on the International Suppliers Fair and future-oriented mobility topics. Join us in looking forward to the IZB 2021!



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