Marketing Opportunities at the IZB 2018

Use additional advertising methods to make the most of your trade fair appearance. We have a multitude of efficient advertisement opportunities on offer to help you draw special attention to your company. Please use the appropriate marketing package to book your individual exhibition media. Please also note that these offers are limited and will be allocated on receipt of order.

Download Marketing Packages (full version)


Please note:

The Marketing Packages contains forms that can be completed online. Once you have entered the billing data into the form fields, the PDF will automatically include this information in all other pages. You also need to save the PDF file before you close it; otherwise the system will not save the data that you have entered into the form fields.

If you are unable to view the spaces or form fields on the form in which you can enter your details (e.g. when you are using Firefox), please save the entire Marketing Packages on your computer (by right-clicking and selecting “Save target as...”). You can then open the saved PDF file without encountering any problems.

Classic Advertising

Advertising on the Reverse of Admission Tickets and Free Admission Tickets (Vouchers)
Advertising on Printed Online Tickets


Advertising in the Trade Fair Catalogue
Advertising on the Cover Pages of the Trade Fair Catalogue
Bookmark in the Trade Fair Catalogue
Advertising in the IZB special edition of the trade newspaper “Automobilwoche”

Advertising Material

Logo in the Trade Fair Guide
IZB Labels for Letters
Carrier Bags

Advertising on Public Transport

Exterior Bus Advertising
Posters Inside Buses


New Media

Online Advertising at
Advertising in the IZB Newsletter

Advertising in the Exhibition Halls

Screen for the Exclusive Presentation of Your Company
Advertising Space in the Walkway between Hall 2 and Hall 3

Outdoor Advertising

Square Outdoor Advertising Tower in the IZB Exhibition Grounds
Outdoor Advertising Space "Triangular Tower" at Wolfsburg Central Station
Floor Stickers