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Product Groups Cables, System development, Data transformations
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LEONI: Cable technologies and solutions for electromobility, autonomous driving and connected mobility

LEONI is global provider of products, solutions and services for energy and data management in the automotive sector and various other industries. The international car, commercial vehicle and component supply industry is our largest customer group.

Our product range provides solutions for the trends of tomorrow:

For electromobility, LEONI supplies cables covering the entire charging system: charging cables from the charging station to the vehicle, versions for the luggage compartment as well as high-voltage cables from the charging socket to the battery. Our country-specific approvals mean that they can be used on all markets worldwide. With LEONiQ – LEONI’s new, digital cable technology – the charging cable becomes an intelligent infrastructure that monitors and optimises the charging process.

Our Hivocar high-voltage cables are powerful also when it comes to internal wiring and the powertrain.

We answer the call for reducing charging times to a few minutes with our special High Power Charging (HPC) cables, which prevent overheating of the charging system by means of liquid cooling.

LEONI has three focal areas with respect to autonomous driving: Adascar sensor and signal transmission cables for safety and assistance systems, use of innovative conductor materials and miniaturised cables to reduce weight and optimise installation space as well as Automotive Ethernet.

Connected mobility requires high data transmission rates. LEONI Dacar Ethernet cables perform fast, bidirectional transfer of 100 Mbps and 1Gbps (Ethernet standard). We are already working on multi-Gbps.

We look forward to interesting conversations – Hall 1, Booth 1203.


  • Deutsch Intelligente Lösungen – innovative Technologien für die E-Mobilität

    LEONiQ ist eine intelligente Kabeltechnologie, die Energie- und Datenströme effizienter, sicherer und besser verfügbar macht: System-kritische Parameter können entlang eines beliebigen Kabelsystems sensorisch erfasst, digital übermittelt und ausgewertet werden. LEONI präsentiert eine Lösung, mit der der Zustand des Leitungssystems überwacht, in Echtzeit gemeldet und adäquat eingegriffen werden kann. So wird zum ersten Mal nicht nur das Vernetzte intelligent, sondern auch die Vernetzung selbst. Damit eröffnet LEONiQ neue Chancen in der Ladetechnik für Elektro- und Hybridfahrzeuge: flüssigkeitsgekühlte Schnellladesysteme mit speziellen High-Power-Charging-Leitungen inklusive integrierter Intelligenz. Messdaten, mit denen proaktiv verhindert wird, dass Temperaturen beim Laden entlang des Kabels und am Stecker einen definierten Schwellwert übersteigen – somit Schutz entlang des gesamten Ladeinfrastruktursystems, der Batterie des Fahrzeugs sowie des Verbrauchers selbst.

    Pressekontakt: Sabine Schroll
    Telefon: +49-9171-8042454
    E-Mail: sabine.schroll@leoni.com
    Internet: www.leoni-automotive-cables.com

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  • English Intelligent solutions – innovative technologies for e-mobility

    LEONiQ is an intelligent cable technology that makes energy and data flows more efficient, secure and available. System-critical parameters can be recorded with sensors along any given cable system, digitally transmitted and evaluated. LEONI will present a solution that monitors the cable system’s condition, reports it in real time and enables appropriate action to be taken. For the first time, therefore, it is not just the connected becoming intelligent, but also connectivity itself. LEONiQ thereby provides new opportunities in charging technology for electric and hybrid vehicles: a liquid-cooled fast charging system with special, high-power charging cables incl. integrated intelligence. Measurement data that can be used to proactively prevent temperatures along the cable and on the connector exceeding a defined limit while charging – thereby providing protection along the entire charging infrastructure, for the vehicle’s battery as well as the consumer itself.

    Press contact: Sabine Schroll
    Telephone: +49-9171-8042454
    E-mail: sabine.schroll@leoni.com
    Website: www.leoni-automotive-cables.com

    world premiere