Highly Adhesive and Resistant

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In order to reduce the overall weight of every vehicle, Adhex Technologies recently launched a self-adhesive roof stiffener device. This new device provides high performance in terms of adhesiveness (pressure-sensitive adhesive), heat and mechanical resistance. The innovation enables roof sheet metal to be strengthened by restricting the sinking phenomenon and reducing detrimental vibrations caused by external conditions. The roof stiffener consists of a light rigid part and includes a self-adhesive anti-vibratory system if required. A multitude of criteria, for example the aspect, dimensions, acoustic performance and curvature of the roof, all need to be taken into consideration in order to provide a tailor-made solution for every vehicle. Adhex has also developed a simple and efficient tool that can be used as a mounting aid and ensures a fast and repeatable pressure build-up of the roof stiffener on the assembly line.
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