A More Efficient Fuel Delivery System

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At the IZB 2016, Airtex/ASC is presenting its brushless fuel pump controller (see image). The company has been providing mechanical and 'brushed' electrical fuel pump solutions for over 80 years and has now expanded into the development of pump motor controllers. Its newly developed external controller is available in single or dual-channel variants depending on customer requirements. A power-limiting strategy is integrated into the control scheme in order to prevent excessive wear and tear in the case of a clogged filter. The brushless fuel system is designed to replace existing 'brushed' pump solutions and thus lower the overall operating costs of the fuel system. Given that debris builds up in the fuel filter system, "brushed" pumps require increased current in order to maintain their performance. Excessive current, however, leads to the premature failure of the commutator and brushes. The brushless fuel system eliminates the main failure mode of 'brushed' pumps.
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