SUMIDA flexible connections GmbH

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01454 Radeberg

Thema Elektrik
Halle 2
Stand 2401
Produktgruppen Kabel, Produktion, Mechatronische Baugruppen, Entwicklung von Komponenten
Ansprechpartner Hendrik Vogel
Telefon 0049-3528-404030
Fax: 0049-3528-404040
E-Mail: hvogel(at)eu.sumida(dot)com

SUMIDA - Since 1956, we stand for competence and specialization in the areas of manufacturing technologies for the electrical industry. Our quality requirement has made us the market leader for flexible connection technologies. Our customers trust us in our production technologies of „milling of copper wires“ and „laminating“ for the production of high-tech products.


Our core technologies, such as special contacting processes, injection molding and other assembly steps, form the basis for products from the fields of flexible flat cable (FFC) and flexible modules. With our technologies, we supply our customers in particular with modules for climate sensors, airbag applications and lighting technology.


SUMIDA stands for flexibility, speed, quality and reliability. With these attributes and a specialized knowhow, we meet the requirements of our products and the competition.


Through a global positioning of the SUMIDA Group, we have the possibility to serve international customers and implement products. The global positioning in the SUMIDA Group and the utilization of synergies in the areas of technology, production and logistics also support our activities and development. SUMIDA flexible connections GmbH is certified according to IATF 16949 and ISO 14001. We provide you with documentation on topics such as: Such as PPAP, IMDS, ROHS / REACH, UL, etc. upon request.


  • Deutsch Hochdichte flexible Leiterplattenverbindung

    Als Surface Mount Device (SMD) wird jedes Gerät bezeichnet, das so untergebracht ist, dass die Leiter direkt auf die Kontaktflächen auf der Oberfläche einer Leiterplatte gelötet werden können. Das Gegenstück dazu ist das Through Hole Device (THT). Bei diesen Geräten werden die Leitungen durch Löcher in der Platine geführt und dann an die Kontaktflächen auf der gegenüberliegenden Seite der Leiterplatte gelötet. Die SUMIDA flexible connections GmbH aus Radeberg – Spezialist für flexible Verbindungstechnologien – stellt zur Internationalen Zuliefererbörse 2018 auf ihrem Messestand in Halle 2 das PANTA® SMD (Bild) in der neuen 0,50-mm-Teilung vor. Es eignet sich laut Aussteller besonders als hochdichte flexible Leiterplattenverbindung für den Einsatz auf Leiterplatten in Sandwich-Konfiguration oder für elektronische Verbindungen in verschiedenen Montagepositionen.

    Pressekontakt: Hendrik Vogel
    Telefon: +49-3528-404030

  • English High density flexible board connection

    A Surface Mount Device (SMD) is any device that is packaged in a way that allows the leads to be soldered directly onto the pads on the surface of a circuit board. This is in contrast to a through hole (THT) device where the leads are threaded through holes in the board and then soldered to pads on the opposite side of the circuit board. Especially the PANTA® SMD in its new pitch 0,50 mm (see image) are used as high density flexible board connection for the usage on circuit board in sandwich-configuration or for electronic connections to various assembly positions.

    Press contact: Hendrik Vogel
    Telephone: +49-3528-404030



    PANTA® FIX JUMPERS are highly flexibleflat conductor connectors to circuit boards (PCBs). Solid round conductors ensure a fast and safe assembly. The PANTA ® round-flat-round technology combines both. The copper conductors are rolled flat to a defined geometry in the insulating area. Ensuring the highest standards of vibration and bending resistance. The smooth notch-free transition from round to flat guarantees fracture-safe connection points. The following materials can be used for the insulation: Polyester, Aramid fiber, PEN (Polyethylenaphthalat) or Polyimide.


  • PANTA® SMD 0,93 mm pitch

    PANTA® SMD 0,93 mm pitch

    The PANTA® SMD System allows a flexible Connection of PCBs. These products can be automatically placed with standard equipment. An additional mounting and soldering process of the components is not necessary.


  • PANTA® SMD 0,50 mm pitch

    PANTA® SMD 0,50 mm pitch

    PANTA® SMD-JUMPER in pitch 0,5 mm are used as a high density flexible board connection for the usage on PCB in sandwich-configuration or for electronic connections from PCB’s to various assembly positions.




    PANTA® ZIF JUMPERS (FFC-Cable) are used for connecting printed circuit boards (PCBs). Compatible with ZIF-connectors (Zero Insertion Force) or LIF-connectors (Low Insertion Force). The cable can be delivered with a gold plated surface to prevent whisker-growths.




    PANTA® FFC Flexible Flat Cables are produced by lamination process. Conductors made from precise flat rolled copper tracks with different height and width dimensions. Adhesive coated foils are laminated with the copper tracks to a high flexible compound by pressure and temperature. This PANTA® FFC has excellent mechanical and electrical properties




    Optimized connection with pin, socket or solderpin

    PANTA® FIX JUMPER and PANTA® FFC-cable provides a huge variety of confi gurations. FIX JUMPER can be combined with CRIMP contacts wich provide the possiblity of removable connections. It ensure a safe and stable connection on booth sides. That gives the opportunity of customer specific design.