Laser-Welded Flanges Save Material and Weight

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ßKIRCHHOFF Automotive has used innovative flange welding optics (the image) to examine laser welding on the face side based on the example of a group of components used in a bumper lock plate. The company specifically selected a material combination of hot-dip aluminised and hot-dipped galvanised dual phase steel in order to examine metallurgical effects such as the embrittlement of weld seams due to the separation of phases and porosity of weld seams as a result of zinc evaporation with the aim of using suitable welding parameters to reduce or avoid these effects. The advantage of welding on the face side compared to the conventional lap joint is the fact that the entire laser energy is used for the actual welding task at the joining level. When using this method, welding penetration depths of 3 mm are sufficient in order to be able to exclude the possibility of failure of a weld seam, even under dynamic loads. This procedure offers clear advantages, namely: a reduction in weight by minimising the flange width, high weld seam strength, even under dynamic loads, and cost effectiveness.
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