A High Level of Transport Safety with a Light Weight and Low Price

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The new "formcutPLUS" cushioning system (see image) from romwell is an affordable and lightweight yet safe option when it comes to securing sensitive goods such as car body components and all other groups of vehicle components sent individually or in CKD kits in a stable position for transport and protecting them during transport. formcutPLUS is a practical combined solution that can be used instead of inflexible and cost-intensive 'toothed' profiles made of polyethylene. Its moulded parts made of corrugated cardboard act as lightweight yet robust stabilisers, while the foam profiles inserted into these parts have product-specific contours that enable them to hold the packed item in place and protect its surface at the same time. The foam and cardboard are not stuck together but are instead slotted together in an interlocked system so that the contoured foam profile can simply be replaced in the case of wear or different product shapes without requiring users to change the entire packaging system. This additionally helps to save costs and protect the environment.
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