A Sustainable Material with Near-to-Prime Properties

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Ravaplen® is the trade name of the new range of ECO PP compounds available from Ravago. The recycled polypropylene materials used to produce the compounds are exclusively sourced from secure, substantial and constant material flows that always offer maximum purity and quality. The IZB exhibitor then uses its over 50 years of experience in compounding processes for new products and in recycling processes to treat these materials and other high-quality raw materials at its state-of-the-art production facilities under strictly monitored production conditions. These production activities result in a sustainable material with near-to-prime properties that is available in industrial quantities and meets the special requirements for applications in vehicle interiors (see image) thanks to its high level of quality. Two talc-filled versions of this compound material are currently available. Ravago is additionally able to specifically adjust these compounds to meet special demands with regard to properties such as emissions, odour, scratch resistance, surface, thermal stability and UV resistance.
Ravago Group
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