A Complete Synchroniser System with an Optimised Design

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According to its manufacturer, the HOERBIGER ClassicLINE DCT-Type (see image) is the world's first ever complete synchroniser system with a design optimised to suit dual clutch transmissions. The teeth of the synchroniser's clutch discs are flattened and its sliding sleeve only has a one-sided chamfer on the right and left-hand side. Its innovative design offers advantages that are particularly relevant for dual clutch applications in the case of all criteria. The ClassicLINE DCT-Type reduces the installation space requirement by up to ten percent and shortens the shifting travel by as much as 25 percent, thus providing transmission manufacturers with valuable freedom of design. The synchroniser's earlier clutch engagement additionally shortens the shifting time by up to 100 ms and therefore enables more dynamic gear shifts. On top of all this, the system is also impressive when it comes to noise reduction thanks to its special tooth design, which reduces the 'clicking' sound in double clutch transmissions that drivers often find irritating when changing gear down to a minimum.
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