A Significant Increase in Process Reliability for Hardening Processes

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The company SMS Elotherm has now successfully launched the first EloFresh™ monitoring and control system for the cooling and quenching systems of hardening machines (see image). EloFresh™ helps users to achieve a high level of process reliability for both the hardening process itself and induction tools. The service life of an inductor strongly depends on the mechanical stress and electrical load, as well as the optimal cooling of the heating loop. This in turn is influenced by the quality of the cooling water in the electrical cooling circuit. Using EloFresh™ helps to ensure optimal cooling and therefore preserves the maximum service life of the inductors and prevents pitting corrosion. The fact that Elotherm's EloFresh™ system fully and continuously monitors and controls the cooling and quenching systems enables it to achieve a significant increase in the process reliability for hardening processes that has been possible up to now.
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