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Gestamp has developed a flangeless design for the side rails of a front axle carrier in which the upper and lower shell of the sub-assembly are directly welded together using butt-welding technology (see image). In comparison with conventional designs, this solution involves no material overlapping. This new technological feature offers a number of significant advantages, for example material savings, optimal use of installation space, improved corrosion protection and weight and cost reductions. B pillars are the most important structural components in terms of safety in the case of side collisions. Gestamp uses an innovative design featuring tailored properties and the use of remote laser welding technology to achieve optimal lateral protection along the entire B pillar while also maintaining competitive production figures and costs. Side rails are responsible for one of the most important safety functions in car structures. Gestamp makes use of a well-established CAE design to optimise the location, size and mechanical properties of the soft zone.
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