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Examining Resilient Components under Realistic Load and Environmental Conditions

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The development and quality control of resilient high-stressed vehicle components such as suspension springs and stabiliser bars require fatigue tests under conditions that are as close as possible to real service conditions. The variable test rig for resilient components (VTRC, see image) can be used for energy-efficient examinations that save both time and money, for example testing fatigue strength under the most realistic load and environmental conditions possible (i.e. saltwater corrosion and different temperature loads). The benefits of the IABG test rig are the energy efficiency provided by testing with a new actuator concept, the implementation of cyclic tests and the free configuration of test components in the clamping area. The VTRC can conduct tests in a frequency range of under 2 Hz, in the case of single and multi-level real-time signals, at different temperatures and/or with corrosive media and on springs/stabiliser bars in replacement tests, with original bearings and assembly tests or in full axle configurations.
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