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Clear Voice Quality for In-Car Telephony and Voice Control

Hosiden Europe GmbH
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The latest acoustics development by the company Hosiden, the "three-array microphone" (see image) offers clear and uninterrupted communication whilst driving. Nowadays, virtually all new vehicles are equipped with a microphone for hands-free telephony or voice recognition. These microphones are normally affected by disturbing noises such as wind, engine and road noise. In an environment disturbed by such external noises, the three-array microphone is nevertheless able to provide clear voice quality thanks to its improved signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) The microphone is able to capture all sound from all directions, detect the position of the speaker and suppress any disturbing noises. The three-array microphone, which is normally mounted in the overhead console, can also detect the positions of two speakers and distinguish between two different voices at the same time whilst removing any noise from redundant directions. The special feature of the microphone is the fact that it follows the source of the voice captured.
Hosiden Europe GmbH
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