Better Functionality with Component Weight Reductions of Up to 50 Percent

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The plastics processor Pöppelmann offers solutions that can be used to achieve significant component weight reductions. In the case of a control device carrier (see image) for a passenger vehicle, this enabled the originally planned metal material solution to be replaced with organo sheets (fabric made of continuous glass fibre and impregnated with polymer). The use of organo sheets lead to a stability and rigidity better than that of compact injection moulding whilst also reducing the weight of the carrier by up to 50 percent. The fact that functional areas are simply injection moulded onto the organo sheet inlays enables functional elements made of thermoplastics to be directly mounted. The design of the part, the selection of material and the tool design activities were all carried out in close cooperation with Pöppelmann's raw material and tool suppliers - and the customer's needs and requirements were directly factored into all of the processes involved. The carrier is produced in a fully automatic "one-shot process".
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