A Feeding and Insertion Unit for the BETAPLUG

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The company Ing-D.B. GmbH, which was founded in 2014, has developed an automatic insertion unit for the BETAPLUG (see image) of the company LEE Hydraulische Miniaturkomponenten GmbH. The conical ceiling plugs are transported across a buffer area for separation by a spiral conveyor. Compressed air is then used to push the plugs through a rectangular tube and into the feeding system. The installation tool of a power cylinder is then used to push the BETAPLUG that has been brought to the system into the drilled hole in the cylinder block that needs to be sealed, which has a diameter of 16mm. The pressure relay valve integrated into the power cylinder is a single-acting tool. The pneumatic sequence control unit automatically switches the power unit from rapid movement to the power stroke. The pressure transmitter and the analogue proximity switch are connected to the data amplifier in order to monitor the process in terms of force and displacement. The data amplifier features a Profibus interface. The insertion unit and cylinder block are used on site at the client's facility.
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