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One-Piece Instead of Two-Piece and Two-Piece Instead of One-Piece

Fukui Byora Co., Ltd.
8-12-8 Ginza, Chuo-ku
104-0061 Tokyo

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The company Fukui Byora has succeeded in replacing two-piece machined parts with one-piece cold-formed components involving a cost reduction of 50 percent and no material waste (see image). The exhibitor emphasises that this a significant cost reduction for this particular application. The investigations conducted with the customer with regard to the function of the parts revealed that cold-forming technology proved its value. The exhibitor was also able to use its own innovations to improve accuracy. The second innovation involves shift lever components. These components were initially provided in one piece, which caused problems in terms of 'straightness'. Cold-forming technology is now used to produce two parts in order to meet customer requirements and achieve a cost reduction of 20 percent (see image). The exhibitor is now investigating whether there is a possibility of improving the accuracy of the product by manufacturing its head and shaft parts separately and assembling them at the end of the production procedure.
Fukui Byora Co., Ltd.
Tokyo, Japan
Hall 7, stand 7317
Press contact: Keisuke Nishino
Telephone: +81 3 62284391