Cost-Optimised Mould Design for Components

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The increasing lack of space available is increasing the demands placed on most vehicle components used as cases or housings in terms of cleanliness and leak-tightness. New approaches therefore need to be taken in order to meet these requirements. Against this background, the IZB exhibitor Pollmann from the Austrian town of Karlstein has improved the cost optimisation of its mould design for hybrid components (see image). The main advantages of leadframes without prior overmoulding are their compactness and higher external leak-tightness. The elimination of the prior overmoulding process also helps to save costs. The challenges involved in this approach are the even higher precision of the lead frames and the automation concepts, which need to ensure that precise positioning is guaranteed. Pollmann uses this technology in its series production activities. It works in close cooperation with its customers and uses mould-flow analysis to guarantee that components are optimally designed to suit their specific requirements in advance.
Pollmann International GmbH
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